The Future of Holographic Art Modeling – Are The Life Art Models Days Numbered?

Not long ago, I met with a group of artists over coffee. They are setting up a local artists club in our area to encourage tourism, artistry, and to unite the entire community. It’s a noble and worthy cause, I’m certain of it. Of course, it’s not easy being an artist these days. In fact, one of the artists in the new group told me an interesting story. It had to do with a model in a life art sitting. Let me explain.You see, the artist told me that the model showed up four hours late. The two artists who had hired the life art model just went on to start sketching and painting other things. Finally the model showed up, and one of the artists had to leave for another appointment. The remaining artist made a deal with the model that they would model for free because they had so screwed up the schedule and didn’t even bother to call.Things just got worse from there. About halfway into the modeling, the model had fallen asleep in the middle of a 30 minute sketch pose. Of course, it’s hard to complain when the model came for free, even if the model had come late. Or is it, I wonder? Why is it that people don’t show up on time for their meetings when it comes to modeling and those involved in the art sector?Well, maybe that doesn’t matter much because in the future I’m sure that there will not be very many life art models anyway. Why you ask? Because human models cost too much, many are hard to deal with, and also because new technology is on the horizon. Artists already have the availability of 3-D digital works, all properly shaded giving nice perspective.These save a lot of time, and actually do fairly well for the artist which needs a model. Still, these aren’t good enough, having a 3-D digital image on a computer screen is much different than having an actual 3-D human model. But then again the future of holographic imagery will come down in price and it will compete directly with human models. Already there are companies which are technologically advanced and have 3-D holographic spectral imaging projectors. These projectors aren’t any larger than a small red brick. You can place them on the table and a holographic image comes alive.Boy, that sure would have saved the artists a lot of trouble on that particular day, and I’m sure that in the future holographic art modeling will take the job of live human life art models. Please consider all this and think on it.

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