A Liquid Diet For Weight Loss – Does It Work?

The health benefits of a liquid detox are well-known but a liquid diet for weight loss can also be a good way to kick off a diet program, especially if you want to get slim fast. In fact the best detox diet is arguably a liquid diet. I don’t generally promote rapid slimming as it is not usually sustainable. You often end up putting all the weight back on as soon as your diet is over. I really like detox broth and juice diets because a liquid diet for weight loss can really help to clear out all the toxins you accumulate in your body. A liquid diet has to be one of the best detox diets there is. From my own experience I know that they are great for losing weight quickly, improving skin tone and feeling really good.What does the diet consist of?A good liquid diet for weight loss is a broth and juice diet, made up of only pure fruit and vegetable juices, herb teas and vegetable broth. Vegetable broth is composed of the water that vegetable have been cooked in. The important factor to remember is that you should eliminate all salt, sugar, honey or any other artificial sweeteners and all drinks with caffeine in them. This type of diet really does promote healthy weight loss and is the best detox diet you can get.Do your really lose weight?If you aim for the best detox diet which means a good quality liquid diet for weight loss, you will lose quite a bit of weight. Some people claim that you only lose fluid on a liquid diet but this is not true as you will be taking in far fewer calories and virtually no fat or protein. The diet will be rich in vitamins and minerals which is why it is the best detox diet for promoting good health and for healthy weight loss. Your digestive system actually enjoys the rest, although the first few days of the diet can be challenging. You may get headaches or feel a bit dizzy, especially first thing in the morning. If this persists just stop the diet by eating something light like raw fruits or a lightly dressed salad without salt, then gradually return to your normal diet. Try again a week or two later.Can anyone do a liquid diet for weight loss?You need to be in reasonably good health to embark on a broth and juice only diet. If you are not sure then do consult your doctor, but be prepared for him or her to be a skeptic. In my experiences most doctors are not keen on us patients taking control of how we treat ourselves because they see themselves as the experts.What about colon cleansingIt is a good idea to take an enema once a day while you are on the diet. This will help to clear out all the toxins in your colon. Toxins in the colon can be the cause of some common ailments. It is easy to do an enema yourself at home. I use a kit I made, but you can buy one by mail order and possibly in your local pharmacist. A clean colon will help to promote healthy weight loss over the longer term.How much weight will I lose?On a good liquid diet for weight loss you can lose up to four or five pounds in the first two days and up to a pound per day after that. When you start eating again you will gain a bit of weight back because your stomach, intestines and bowels will fill up. The diet will have emptied these out so that accounts for some of the reduction. But if you break your diet slowly and that is the best way to achieve healthy weight loss, you will continue to lose weight for a few days after you finish the broth and juice diet.Should you exercise?Even on a liquid diet for weight loss where your calorie intake is reduced it is still beneficial to do some moderate exercise such as walking or light yoga. It would be too strenuous to do aerobics or weight training exercises so they should be left until after the diet is completed. You will achieve the best detox diet if you keep your metabolism moving by doing light exercise.Starting and breaking the dietIt is a good idea to continue to aim for healthy weight loss once your diet is over. Eat raw food for the first couple of days before you start your liquid diet for weight loss so that you prepare your digestive system for a change. If you want to get the best detox diet you also need to break your diet gently once you end the pure liquid diet. You do this by eating raw for the first day and then small portions of simple, whole foods for the next couple of days, gradually building back to your normal mealtime patterns. This is important as otherwise you will undo all the best detox diet benefits straight away.

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